Optimize Your Business Website for Mobile Devices

Optimize your business website for mobile devices

Consumers are spending a large amount of time and money on mobile devices and services, yet many businesses still do not have their website optimized for mobile use. It is no surprise that technology, especially mobile technology, is having a significant impact on the way companies conduct every facet of their business online.

When it comes to online research, companies are not adapting as quickly to mobile technology changes, in particular when it comes to online surveys and mobile surveys. On the contrary, survey respondents are quick to adapt to completing online surveys via Smartphones and other mobile devices. Completing a conventional online survey on a mobile device without it being optimized for proper viewing ability on the screens of mobile devices can be a challenge for survey respondents. Issues in screen optimization may cause respondents to close the survey without completing it, jeopardizing response rates. When it comes to online surveys, ignoring the use of Smartphones and mobile devices is not an option. 

Format Your Survey Properly for Mobile Surveys

To effectively execute today’s online surveys, researchers must develop online surveys that can adapt to all mobile device screens. Properly optimizing your survey for mobile surveys determines the ease in which your respondents can read, comprehend, and provide accurate answers to your survey.

Make online surveys easy and convenient to complete. If the majority of your respondents will access your online surveys using mobile devices, be sure to optimize your surveys for mobile devices. Many respondents are on-the-go and prefer the opportunity to take a mobile survey.

When designing a survey using survey software that will mainly be  accessed on mobile devices, the following points should be considered:


  • Think about the size of the screen that people will read it on
  • Have ten or fewer survey questions
  • Use small graphics or no graphics
  • Have one question per page (to reduce the need to scroll)
  • Turn off the progress bar
  • Be careful about your choice of image boxes if you use graphics
  • Turn off the option of having the title on every page
  • Choose buttons which look good when small
  • Consider the pros and cons of using data pickers
  • Check how your survey looks on different phones and browsers

Do not:

  • Use items that use a lot of memory, such as sliders, map controls and large pictures (some older devices may not display sliders and map controls correctly)
  • Have lots of questions that take a long time to look through on a small screen
  • Have many open-ended questions where you ask respondents to enter free text

Snap Mobile Anywhere, a mobile surveys module for Snap Survey Software, enables users to run mobile surveys on mobile devices, including: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Smartphones, Tablet PC, and Kiosk. Snap Mobile Anywhere allows a 2-way flow of information in real-time between mobile survey respondents or field survey interviewers and the researcher via Snap WebHost, our online data management system. The researcher can update mobile surveys and send directly to interviewers or respondents in real-time. Data is sent back automatically from the field.

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