Mistakes You Should Avoid When Blogging

In a recent posting by Kiesha Easley on SocialMediaToday.com, Kiesha discusses the 7 Ways to Lose 10 Blog Readers a Day. In this informative post, importance is placed on the main goal of any blogger – maintaining follower loyalty. Many bloggers are making some critical mistakes in the blogosphere. Kiesha discusses the seven common mistakes that bloggers need to avoid in order to keep and entertain visitors on their website. Making these critical mistakes can have a severe impact on your visitor-base and may damage your continued blogging efforts.

In a nutshell, here are the 7 mistakes you should avoid when blogging

1.      Too much text. Viewers tend to skim blog posts.  Make sure you make it easy for them to gather information. Bloggers make the mistake of presenting information in long paragraphs. Be sure to include headers, images, bold text, links, and bulleted points.

2.      Using platform for advertising. Viewers are aware that blogging is a way to boost exposure and sales, so you don’t need to make it obvious. Too much advertising gives the impression that you are only interested in sales, when it should be providing quality, meaningful content to the viewer.

3.      Content is too complex. Chances are if you are in a particular field, you are an expert in that field. But, don’t think that everyone else is too.  Use terms that are general and avoid using acronyms, abbreviations, and topic-specific terminology. Not everyone understands how your SEO plan differs from your PPC campaign, which has a low CPC and a high CTR, which is generating a positive impact to your ROI.

4.      Not grabbing attention. Make sure the title of the blog and the introductory paragraph have words and information that spark the interest of readers.

5.      Forgetting images. Viewers connect to visual stimulation. Use appropriate images to capture attention.

6.      Not asking. All viewers have their own opinions.  Let them express those opinions through a comments box. If you want to take the feedback further, ask your viewers to take an online survey. There are many online survey software solutions to choose from.

7.      Too much filler content. Viewers are put-off by low-quality filler content.  Be sure to include content that is informative and meaningful to your viewers.

Read Kiesha’s full blog post here: 7 Ways to Lose 10 Blog Readers a Day

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