Why Leicestershire County Council Uses Snap WebHost In-House Installation

Learn why Leicestershire County Council uses Snap WebHost installed on their own servers to administer and manage surveys.

Many customers choose to install Snap WebHost on their servers instead of subscribing to ours. With Snap WebHost In-House Installation, you control how and where your survey data is stored, and you can work on your survey project without the limitation of a subscription.

Leicestershire County CouncilWe asked Leicestershire County Council why they chose a Snap WebHost installation over our Snap WebHost subscription service.

Why did you choose to install Snap Webhost on your own servers, rather than subscribing to our Webhost service?

“It was the fact that the data could be stored behind our own firewalls and security. Also there were no additional costs if we ran more surveys or received more responses than we expected.”

What effect has Snap Webhost had on your organization?

“It’s made us much more efficient – we can handle more surveys than before with less resource and we no longer need to involve our web team to get surveys onto our website. It also means we can make minor changes quickly, and share the results more widely.”

Which Snap WebHost features do you like best?

“Being able to get real-time analysis and updates as the surveys are progressing, and also giving associate accounts for managers to check progress and view results (including pre-built analysis tables) for their surveys. We’re able to fully brand the URL for our surveys, which gives survey participants the confidence that our surveys are legitimate. We also like that respondents can save their survey responses and return to complete at a later date – but if they don’t, we can still capture the partial data for analysis.”

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