How-to: Use Patterns to Analyze Data in Survey Software

Use Patterns to process and analyze data using Snap Survey Software

Patterns are a powerful tool to validate literal comment questions in Snap Survey Software. Patterns can be used to examine survey data or to transform survey data.

When performing data entry on paper surveys, patterns are attached to a specific survey question to:

  • Ensure that respondents or data entry staff enters the correct format for information such as zip codes, phone numbers, or other numeric fields. Snap Survey Software looks for similarities between what has been typed as the answer, and what has been specified as a possible match in the pattern.
  • Convert question data into a standard format even if it has been entered in an unsuitable format, such as pound or dollar signs being included in quantity data.

By using advanced Snap Survey Software analysis tools, such as filters and derived variables, you can:

  • Use any of the defined patterns to temporarily change data, for example, converting literal comment text to lower case text.
  • Use a pattern made-up of several defined parts to select one of the parts (e.g. the area code in a phone number) and use that part to analyze the data.

Snap Survey Software users can use Patterns already set-up in the software or create their own.

Learn more about using Patterns in Snap Survey Software.

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