Helpful Worksheet: Managing Respondents for Online Survey Invitations

Access our helpful worksheet to learn how you can mange online survey respondents on Snap WebHost

webhost-upload-respondentsDid you know you can add, delete, or modify your respondent list for an online survey, even while it is running? We have created a helpful worksheet that shows you how.

Snap WebHost, our online survey and mobile interviewing management platform, requires respondent information for sending out email invitations and reminders, and any additional details you would like for customizing the emails and questionnaires with any personal data. If that data changes at any time, you can change the respondent list for a survey while the survey is running. This will not delete information about respondents who have already completed the survey. 

You can easily:

  • Add new respondents
  • Change the details of respondents you already have (and possibly add new ones)
  • Delete specified respondents
  • Update the respondent list (adding new respondents, modifying changed respondents, and deleting any respondents not present in the new list)

This worksheet will walk you through two easy steps: 

  1. Changing the database of respondents and updating the database link
  2. Updating the respondent data in Snap WebHost

Access Worksheet

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