Free Webinar: 360 Degree Employee Feedback

How can your organization benefit from using 360 degree feedback surveys? 

On November 23, 2011, Shine Feedback in collaboration with Snap Surveys ran a free webinar focused on the positive impact individual 360 degree feedback surveys can have on an organization, explaining the benefits, principles, and practices of 360 degree feedback surveys. 

Click here to watch this free webinar. 

With the new Shine Feedback / Snap Surveys online survey tool, Graham Da Costa, Director at Shine Feedback, will show viewers the principles of setting up and managing the results of 360 degree feedback surveys using a powerful survey software tool, and explain how 360 degree feedback can benefit individuals and organizations.   

Why should your organization consider using 360 feedback surveys?  

  • Conducting 360 degree feedback surveys are an effective and precise way to measure the behavioral impact of company leaders, managers, and personnel across the organization, in the areas of Leadership, Management, Consulting, Teamwork, Sales, and Project Management skills and behaviors. 
  • Implementing 360 degree feedback surveys into organizations enables those organizations to determine and measure the behavioral impact of employees who manage or influence others.  The survey tool identifies areas of strength or weakness, providing the organization with information to develop appropriate improvement plans for organizational performance and results. 
  • Personnel gain a greater self awareness from the feedback gathered from 360 degree feedback surveys.  Individual employees can learn how others view them in the organization and see the impact their behavior has on their colleagues. This type of feedback can have a significant impact on the way individual employees are perceived, valued, and rewarded.

Click here to watch this free webinar

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