Free Snap Mobile iPad and iPhone survey App now available on iTunes

The free Snap Mobile App for iPad and iPhone is a mobile interviewing App enabling  research surveys created in Snap survey software to be completed on an iPad or iPhone.

Snap Mobile Anywhere is our survey software add-on which allows a 2-way flow of information in real-time between field interviewers and the researcher via our Snap WebHost online service. The researcher can update surveys which are sent to interviewers in real-time. Data is sent back automatically from the field.

Surveys can include images, videos and sliders. Interviewers can move seamlessly through a questionnaire with Snap’s clever routing, text substitution and masking options.

To download this free App for iPad and iPhone surveys created in Snap survey software:

Go to your iTunes account  or Visit  iTunes for more information about this App

Mobile Anywhere is also available for kiosks, smartphones, PDAs and Tablet PCs.

Contact us for details: UK / EMEA: 020 7747 8900  |

US & Canada: 603 610 8700 |



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