Design Paper Surveys with Advanced Survey Software

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Many Snap Surveys customers choose Snap Survey Software because it gives users the flexibility to run surveys in a range of modes, including: paper, scanning, online, PDA, kiosk, mobile, and phone. 

Depending upon your audience, paper surveys can prove more effective than online surveys for collecting responses. Administering paper surveys in conjunction with other survey modes can also help boost response rates, particularly if you need to target harder to reach communities or fulfill strict quotas. Snap Survey Software gives you the flexibility to find what works best for you

Are you stumped for ideas on where to start with your paper survey? Are you looking for some inspiration to create logical survey questions and eye-catching paper survey design ideas?  Take a look at some of our sample surveys below.  

Education Surveys

paper-survey-course-evaluation  paper-survey-instructor-evaluation

Employee Surveys

paper-surveys-staff-communications  paper-survey-empoyee-appraisal

Healthcare Surveys

paper-surveys-patient-satisfaction  paper-survey-health-assessment

Customer Satisfaction Surveys 

 paper-surveys-customer-satisfaction  paper-surveys-customer-satisfaction-theme-park


paper-survey-application-form  paper-survey-registration-form

View all of our sample surveys here. We have created a useful resource full of online and paper surveys, including education surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, healthcare surveys, employee surveys, conference evaluations, marketing surveys, feedback questionnaires, forms, government surveys, and more to help you get started. 

Add the Snap Surveys scanning module and you can cost effectively speed up data collection.