The Basics – What Exactly is a Survey?

What is a survey and why do we use them?

online-survey-with-multi-modeLet’s take a trip back to the basics. By definition, a survey is “a method for collecting quantitative information about items in a population.” Simply, a survey is a data collection tool used to gather information about individuals. The purpose of a survey (the survey objective) hinges on what the information collected will be used for. Depending on the objective of the survey, a survey may focus on different topics such as preferences, behavior, or factual information. Surveys provide important information to all types of research fields, for example, those in market research, by healthcare professionals and educational researchers, and for sociological and psychological studies.

Snap Surveys customers use Snap Survey Software for a variety of reasons, such as to collect customer feedback, measure employee satisfaction, in planning for new product development, to process product registrations, conduct market analysis, in educational research, and used for other feedback management needs. Users also push the boundaries of traditional surveys by using survey software to create reporting tools, assessments, forms, and much more. Survey software is a versatile tool that can be used for many needs, across all modes of survey research, including online surveys, paper surveys, mobile surveys, and more.

Despite how the face of surveys and data collection is constantly evolving, the key parts of traditional surveys remain the same.

  1. Surveys obtain an estiamte of a topic by way of a formal examination of information and details.
  2. Surveys are a sampling or partial collection of facts, figures, opinions, or comments.
  3. Using a sample, survey responses are used to estimate what a complete population might uncover through analysis.

In a nutshell, a survey is a methodical approach used to illustrate and understand a larger population.

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