Snap Surveys offer a custom URL for organizations wanting to create online surveys which either appear to be part of their own website (domain) or to reflect a clients branding. Surveys can be aligned with an organization’s overall branding in a more seamless way. This can also create a greater feeling of trust and security for respondents.

How it works

The URL allows you to combine your organization’s name with the generic URL,  The custom URL option is available as part of an annual Snap WebHost subscription. Snap WebHost is Snap’s online and mobile survey management platform. You can use the URL for all the surveys you send out via a Snap WebHost account.

A custom URL would look like this:

The custom URL is available for a small charge, and is supplied as SSL encrypted at no additional cost. If you’d like to discuss adding a custom URL to a Snap WebHost account please get in touch.

Call on 603 610 8700 | email  |  fill-in and fax back your order form to 603 610 8701



Only one URL can be allocated to each Snap WebHost account.  The organization name can’t contain stops, but can include hyphens.

If you require a fully customized URL for your organization contact us for further details.