Snap Surveys solutions are used by healthcare organisations worldwide. Over 40% of UK public, private and charity healthcare providers use Snap Survey Software or service solutions.

We’re proud to be compliant with ISO 27001 – the highest possible standard for information security, so you can be sure your data is safe with us. As an alternative to our online subscription service, you can also run our online survey management system on your own servers – it’s cost effective and gives you complete control.

Healthcare customers use Snap survey solutions for:

  • Patient experience surveys, including the Friends and Family Test
  • Maternity surveys
  • Inpatient and outpatient  surveys
  • Community mental health surveys
  • Clinical Audit
  • PROMs
  • Clinical trials
  • Doctor / Consultant revalidation
  • Supplier and partner surveys
  • Estate management and facilities planning surveys
  • GP patient experience surveys
  • Dental patient experience surveys
  • Fraud surveys.
  • Training and development assessment
  • Staff surveys

Flexible survey solutions

Professional survey design tools

We give you the tools to create dynamic and engaging surveys in any language. Target hard to reach patient and client groups with audio and video surveys. Use visual questions such as smileys and clickable images to engage participants and increase response rates. View survey samples.

Surveys that reach anyone, anywhere

Gather feedback using paper, mobile, kiosk, and online versions of your surveys.

  • Paper questionnaires can be quickly scanned into Snap making results instantly available.
  • Snap’s mobile interviewing App, Snap Mobile Anywhere, enables uninterrupted interviewing on wards, in clinics, waiting areas, and patients homes, even in Wi-Fi black spots. It’s compatible with iPads, Windows or Android devices.
  • Fully secure online surveys are quick to set up and put live. Online summary reports are immediately available and updated as results come in.

Share survey results with colleagues, patients and other stakeholders

Share analysis and reports in real time with colleagues. Produce personalised Smart Reports for individual wards, sites, doctors or teams and give colleagues a log in to view results and personalised Smart Reports tailored to their role or department. You can include benchmarking and action plans based on the results.

Smart Reports also make it easy to share relevant results with patients, the public and external stakeholders.

Free NHS National and Local survey templates

Snap’s Research Services team has created a number of National and Local NHS surveys, including the Maternity Survey and Friends and Family, as Snap files available free to download.

All you need is the latest version of Snap Survey Software, the templates can be edited, printed out, put live online, or loaded on interviewing devices and kiosks.

View Free NHS survey templates

Ready-to-Run patient experience survey solutions

We’ve combined our research experience with industry expertise to create a range of Ready-To-Run Surveys. Each survey includes a professionally designed questionnaire and detailed Smart Reports. We make it easy for your organisation to capture and articulate the patient experience, and develop action plans to move services forward.

If you like the idea of ready to run surveys but require something different or tailored, why not work with us to build a Ready-To-Run survey specific to your needs?

Expert research services

When time or resources are limited you can rely on us to support you with a range of research services. Our experienced team can help you with any part of the survey process. The team are MRS members and ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified. Healthcare surveys can be out-sourced in part or in full. Services include:

  • Questionnaire design
  • Data entry including scanned paper surveys
  • Hosting web surveys and collecting data
  • Tabulations and reports

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“Last year, we carried out over 50 surveys across our services because we have everything from inpatient beds to specialist services to children’s services… Working with a company like Snap that had a proven record was important. The hospitals trust had used Snap as well. Now most of the organisations in this area use the same survey software, which is helpful.”
Gloucestershire Care Services Trust