What You Need to Know About Choosing a Survey Solution

Need to know: Choosing your survey solution

Choose-survey-solutionMarketers keen to do DIY surveys outside of their research departments would do well to realize the comparative differences between software packages available.

They range from straight-forward feedback tools where consumers are asked to rate an event or experience on a scale of 1-5, right through to surveys with more business-critical requirements, for example probing a brand revamp or new product development. Here are some of the functionalities marketers should expect when evaluating software at the more sophisticated end of the spectrum:

1. Create questionnaires in different formats

Consumers like to give feedback in various ways and your data capture software needs the ability to gather data in different ways including online, mobile, face-to-face paper and mobile interviewing, kiosk and paper surveys. Analysis capabilities should be able to aggregate this data (including multi-language versions of questionnaires) into one, seamless report.

2. Multi-lingual

You may be working for a multi-national brand owner or in the public sector and require feedback in different languages. With Snap Survey Software, a questionnaire in any format can be made available in any language. Continue reading

7 Common Mistakes in Customer Feedback, #7 You Don’t Share Feedback

Mistake #7: You don’t disseminate key customer feedback findings around your organization

share-customer-feedbackOne finding from the Brand Republic and Snap Surveys research, that about 40% of marketers said their organizations had no formal process for sharing feedback internally [See graph], does not surprise former client Jane Woolley, a Consultant for Insight Management Academy, who paints a picture of the fragmented nature of feedback within companies.

“Often in organizations there is an enormous plethora of data – sales data, sales force data, surveys, database data, complaints, online reviews – and it’s not necessarily all handled by one unifying mind,” she says. Continue reading

7 Common Mistakes in Customer Feedback, #5 You Don’t Listen

Mistake #5: You’ve asked the question, but you don’t listen to the answer

Customer-feedback-need-to-listenIn Snap Surveys’ consumer interviews, a strong sense of feedback disappearing into a black hole emerged.

“If someone has bothered to provide feedback, companies should take it on board. Sometimes they will thank you and then do nothing,” one consumer told Snap Surveys.

The private sector would do well to look to healthcare to witness how patient feedback is now considered fundamental to service improvements. To boost its effectiveness and sustainability, the NHS is rolling out patient survey programs requiring GPs, dentists, NHS Trusts and hospitals to publish feedback and demonstrate how they are responding. Continue reading

Tech Support Tip: Easier Collection of Open Ended Survey Replies

Tech Support Tip: Easier Collection of Open Ended Survey Replies

As a Snap Survey Software user, you know there are many powerful features. Here is another tip we’d like to pass on to our users.

Publish-questionnaire-window-survey-softwareSome questions require respondents to enter responses in detail in an open ended box (comment question box). Previously, when data lengths were applied and the box size was more than one row in size, the data length would essentially be ignored.  Respondents were able to enter more characters than the data length set, but when the data was imported it would be truncated to meet the data length. To resolve that issue the Auto-Extend on import feature was added in Data Entry Tailoring.

Learn more about Auto-Extend on import in Snap Online Help.

Now, when a data length is set and the box size is greater than one row, you can still ensure that the data length will in fact be followed.  The Limit the length of multi-line responses setting found in Questionnaire Properties: Interview section will allow the data length to be followed.

Learn more about limiting the length of multi-line responses in Snap Online Help.

open-question-character-countThe new features that have been added regarding the data length are the Character Counters.  You can insert these into the Footnote of open ended questions to allow the respondents to know how many characters they have remaining, the total available, and/or the total they have used.  These can be inserted through Font (2nd dropdown) > Insert… > Response Property.

Learn more about Character Counters in Snap Online Help.

Tech Support Tip: Saving Settings Files for Toolkits

Technical Support Tip: Save time and energy by saving settings files for Snap Toolkit functions

Snap Toolkit gives Snap Survey Software users access to many advanced functionalities, including: Rating Check, Totalize, Randomization, Compound Grid, and Rim Weighting. Are you aware that you can save the settings files for Snap Toolkit functions so that you can simply browse to the Settings file and reapply the settings?

Save the Settings files for Toolkits

Here is an example using the Randomization function available in the Snap Toolkit.  Continue reading

Tech Support Tip: Limit the Length of Multi-line Responses

Technical Support Tip: *NEW* for Snap 11, Limit the Length of Multi-line Responses

The Interview settings section enables Snap Survey Software users to control aspects of validation, routing, and mandatory questions. And new for Snap 11, users can limit the length of multi-line responses.

limit the length of multi line responses

Here are the aspects of the Interview Settings

No Replies

Stop NR on these questions: Check the box to require the respondent to answer all the selected survey questions in the scrollable list. Questions that have Must Answer set in the variable properties will be selected by default. Note: If you de-select them, the Must Answer property is removed from the question in all editions.  Continue reading

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Can You Use Some Questionnaire Design Hints and Tips?

We welcome you to join us in March for a free webinar on questionnaire design hints and tips

Join us on Thursday, March 20th as UK Training Consultant Marc Ellison will run one of our popular free hints and tips webinars.

survey-software-webinarWebinar title: Questionnaire design in Snap: hints and tips

When: Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Time: 15:00 GMT UK | 16:00 Europe | 11:00 AM US EDT | 10:00 AM US CDT | 9:00 AM US MDT | 8:00 AM US PDT.

Marc will be covering design questions that surfaced during our recent customer satisfaction survey. Marc will also demonstrate some of the clever design techniques that we used in the Big Quiz, plus more.

If you’d like to see a particular aspect of questionnaire design covered in this webinar, please email us and we’ll do our best to fit in your topic.

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Caring and Sharing at Snap Surveys US

Snap Surveys US collects food for those in need

Snap Surveys Food DriveThrough employee donations and company contributions, our small Snap Surveys US office has collected a large amount of food for those in need. Coordinated by Snap Surveys Technical Support and Training Consultant Samantha Jewell, more that 20 cans of vegetables, 15 cans of soup, 25 packages of pasta, noodles, and mac & cheese, and so much more were collected. A big thank you goes out to Samantha and the entire Snap Surveys staff.

This donation will be presented to the Seacoast Family Food Pantry where their mission is to ” fulfill the needs of low-income individuals and families with food, personal care products, and education for healthy living.” The Seacoast Family Food Pantry serves the Seacoast New Hampshire area including Greenland, Hampton, Hampton Falls, New Castle, Newington, North Hampton, Portsmouth, Rye, Seabrook, and also Kittery, ME.

To learn more about the Seacoast Family Food Pantry or to make a donation, visit www.seacoastfamilyfoodpantry.org/.