When is the Best Time to Survey New Employees?

When is the best time to survey new employees? The answer may surprise you.  

You may think that you need to give employees at least a few months to get acclimated to their new position, job environment, and get a feel for office dynamics within your company. However, there is no better time to survey new employees than from the very beginning. Or better yet, survey potential hires during the hiring process with a pre-employment survey.

It may seem odd to survey interviewees during the hiring process, but from the start, it is important for your business to:

  1. Show potential employees that your company cares about the continued success of the business and its employees, and
  2. Gauge how a potential new hire will react to your company’s work environment and how they will adapt to the work culture.

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How-to: Use Patterns to Analyze Data in Survey Software

Use Patterns to process and analyze data using Snap Survey Software

Patterns are a powerful tool to validate literal comment questions in Snap Survey Software. Patterns can be used to examine survey data or to transform survey data.

When performing data entry on paper surveys, patterns are attached to a specific survey question to:

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Accurately Identify the Factors that Attract Customers with Survey Software

Use survey software to accurately identify the factors that attract customers to your business

Survey software is a powerful tool that provides numerous advantages for customer research such as versatility, ease of management, and broad reach. With survey software, businesses can easily create surveys and share them with potential and existing customers through multiple channels and in multiple languages, if needed. Some businesses may find that a combination of survey modes is necessary to capture data from all customers. Advanced survey software solutions have multi-mode capabilities for online surveys, mobile surveys, email surveys, paper surveys, kiosk surveys, and more, giving businesses the ability to survey even the hardest to reach customers. Continue reading

Avoid Over-Surveying Your Customers

Avoid over-surveying your customers with these strategies

Surveying your customers is a great way to learn more about customer satisfaction, areas where your products, services, or overall organization needs improvement, perceptions about your brand, and many more. However, over-surveying your customer base can cause a decline in response rates and may also weaken the value of your surveys.

Your customers are flooded with requests for feedback through online and email surveys, mobile devices, and through many social media outlets. Don’t be that organization that inundates their customers with incessant requests for feedback.

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Have You Tried Mobile Surveys Yet?

It’s about time to give mobile surveys a try!

Give your respondents the flexibility to access mobile surveys on-the-go. Surveys are delivered directly to respondents’ mobile devices, and can be completed at their convenience. Easily connect and engage with your audience. Mobile surveys give you  access to respondents and survey data with more flexibility, at a faster rate or return, and at economical costs. Continue reading

Did You Know: Send Triggered Email Alerts from Online Survey Responses

Did you know you can send triggered email alerts from online survey responses?

To measure the progress of results, online surveys are often conducted on a continuous basis rather than administered periodically. Reacting to survey feedback immediately has become the new standard in improving satisfaction on a respondent-by-respondent basis. As with traditional online surveys, survey data is compiled and aggregated for reporting purposes. However, using triggered survey email alerts has changed the dynamic of satisfaction measurement, and has transformed it into a method of intervening to improve satisfaction immediately. Continue reading

Online Survey Introductions – Is Shorter Always Better?

When it comes to online survey introductions, is shorter always better?

When creating an online survey, it is best practice to create a survey that respondents can comprehend and complete as quickly as possible. What is the reason? Plain and simple – very few people are willing to complete online surveys. Many respondents complete surveys merely for an incentive and sometimes just out of sheer boredom. But, if a survey looks too complex or is too long, it is likely to cause a high survey dropout rate. Continue reading

Analysis & Reporting Capabilities in Snap 11 Survey Software

See what’s to come for analysis and reporting capabilities in Snap 11 Survey Software

auto-summary-reports-survey-softwareThe upcoming release of Snap 11 Survey Software will give users all the tools necessary to create and manage reports in-house. Snap Survey Software already has a reputation for delivering sophisticated and robust reporting and analysis tools. Snap 11 will give users the ability to add more actionable intelligence to reports. Not only that, it will speed-up and automate the production of regular reports, freeing-up resources and budget. Continue reading

Series Recap: 10 Issues to Consider when Designing Online Surveys

10 Issues to Consider when Designing Online Surveys, Series Recap

We wrap-up our Snap Survey Software blog series regarding the 10 issues that can occur in online survey design. The large influx of online survey tools has created an erroneous belief that anyone can write a good quality online survey. However, the reality is that there are many significant issues to consider when designing an online survey to ensure the highest quality data is collected.

Take each of these issues into consideration when developing your online surveys and you will be on your way to creating surveys that produce meaningful data which can be used to create valuable results and give you the confidence to make informed business decisions. Continue reading